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Michael Martin

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 Mark Troppe 2016-2017 ASME Congressional Fellow ——–
Sponsored by: ASME Foundation / Government Relations
Dr. Michael Martin 2016-2017 ASME Congressional Fellow
Sponsored by: ASME Foundation/Government Relations/Petroleum Division

Dr. Andrew Bicos
2017 ASME Federal Government Fellow

Sponsored by: ASME Foundation/Government Relations/Industry Advisory Board

Dr. Said Jahanmir 2016-2017 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow
Sponsored by:  ASME Foundation/Government Relations


 ZJ Pei  Shih  
  Dr. Zhijian (ZJ) Pei  2016-2017 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow
Sponsored by: ASME Foundation / Government Relations Manufacturing USA
  Dr. Albert Shih
2017 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow
Sponsored by: ASME Foundation / Government Relations / Manufacturing USA


ASME ADVANCED MANUFACTURING FELLOWS (EDUCATION/WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT) Sponsored By:  ASME Government Relations, Engineering Education and Industry Advisory Board


Dr. Roger Narayan
2016 ASME Advanced Manufacturing Fellow


America Makes



  • Dr. Zhijian (ZJ) Pei is a 2016-2017 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow serving at Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office hosted by NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland. As Assistant Director for Research Partnerships, he participates in various activities of the Manufacturing USA Program. He is currently a professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University. He has worked in industry for four years, holding various positions in several manufacturing companies. From August 2012 to August 2016, he served as the Program Director of the Manufacturing Machines and Equipment program at NSF, and has received Director’s Award for Excellence Program Director. He has served as an associate editor for three journals and an editorial board member for seven journals. He received his Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is a fellow of ASME and SME.
  • Dr. Albert Shih is a 2016-2017 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow serving at Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office hosted by NIST at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD. where he also participates in activities of the Manufacturing USA Program.   Dr. Shih was a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) and AMP 2.0 and is currently on leave from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where he serves as a Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Integrative Systems + Design.  He was a manufacturing engineer, specialized in advanced grinding process development, from 1991 to 1998, at Cummins Inc.  Dr. Shih’s research area is design and manufacturing. He is active in biomedical manufacturing, the application of manufacturing technologies to advance the safety, quality, and efficiency of healthcare service and biomedical science, and the development of advanced machining processes. Dr. Shih will begin his fellowship in January 2017.


  • Dr. Said Jahanmir is a 2015-2016 ASME Congressional Fellow performing technical analysis of manufacturing issues for the Office of Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH). His work is especially concerned with innovation in manufacturing, advising the Manufacturing Caucus which includes one hundred Members of Congress. He is also analyzing issues on STEM education. Dr. Jahanmir also assists with Congressman Ryan’s work on the Budget Committee. Before his Washington Fellow assignment, Dr. Jahanmir worked in research and teaching, which included the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Delaware. He has served as ASME’s Vice President for Research.
  • Mark Troppe is serving as an ASME Congressional Fellow in the office of Senator Christopher Coons.  He previously served as the Director of Partnerships and Program Development (PPD) for NIST where he leads a team responsible for working with MEP Centers, federal, state and industry partners to develop and deploy programs and services to help manufacturers enhance their competitiveness. These include efforts to: accelerate technology adoption by SMEs, deliver supply chain optimization services, connect manufacturers with potential suppliers, address workforce issues, and support manufacturing clusters.  Mark and the PPD team play an important role in MEP’s initiatives for transforming manufacturing in the U.S.  Mr. Troppe has held a variety of economic and workforce development positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. In addition to nearly 13 years at NIST MEP, in 2009-2010, Mr. Troppe worked with the White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers. From 2000-2007, he worked at the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) as Director of Economic and Workforce Development. At NCEE Mark wrote about, developed courses, and delivered training on the nature of and opportunities for effective collaboration between workforce and economic development organizations.  Mr. Troppe will be serving as an ASME Congressional Fellow in the office of the Honorable Christopher Coons, United States Senate.
  • Dr. Michael James Martin is serving as an ASME Congressional Fellow in the office of Senator Jack Reed where he is working on energy, transportation, space, and R&D policy issues.”   He previously served as a AAAS Science and Technology Fellow at the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research at the US Department of Energy.  Prior to joining the Department of Energy, he held appointments as a post-doctoral fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory, as a faculty member at Louisiana State University, and as an engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.  He also held visiting appointments at NASA/Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the National Academies, and Hitachi’s Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory.  He is the author or co-author of approximately 80 journal papers, conference papers and presentations, and book chapters on fluid mechanics, heat transfer, micro- and nano-system technology, and aerospace systems.  He is also a co-author of the 2015 Department of Energy Quadrennial Technology Review.  He completed his doctorate in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan, where he also earned an M.S. in mechanical engineering and an M.A. in Asian studies. He received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida.


  • Dr. Andrew Bicos will begin serving as an ASME Federal Fellow in early 2017.  He is director of Enterprise Flight Technology in the Office of the CTO at Boeing and Chief Engineer of Aeromechanics Technology in Boeing Research & Technology.  He is responsible for developing the enterprise strategy for all flight sciences R&D at Boeing and managing the portfolio of activities that develop and transition technologies and processes into Boeing’s wide array of products.  In his role as chief engineer he is responsible for the technical integrity of the capabilities delivered by the Aeromechanics Technology research organization to the business units.  Dr. Bicos has held positions on the ASME Adaptive Structures and Material Systems Technical Committee and is a former chairman of the ASME Aerospace Division.  He is currently the chairman of the ASME Industry Advisory Board and ASME NASA R&T Task Force.  Dr. Bicos is interested in serving in the Executive Branch and plans to begin his Fellowship in 2017 (Placement TBD.)




  • Dr. Roger Narayan, a Professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, became the second ASME Advanced Manufacturing Fellow sponsored at “America Makes” as of May 2016.   Dr. Narayan is an author of over 150 publications and several book chapters on laser processing of biomedical materials. His work has shown that laser-based thin film growth and additive manufacturing methods may be used to prepare biomaterials with unique structures and functionalities for antimicrobial, biosensing, drug delivery, and tissue engineering applications. Dr. Narayan has received several honors for his research activities, including the NCSU Alcoa Foundation Engineering Research Achievement Award, the NCSU Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award, the University of North Carolina Jefferson-Pilot Fellowship in Academic Medicine, the Fulbright-Brazil Scientific Mobility Award, the National Science Faculty Early Career Development Award, the Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award, and the American Ceramic Society Richard M. Fulrath Award.




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