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Public policy plays a critical role in the current and future research, development, and utilization of robots. As new developments are made, robotic and autonomous technologies will have an increased role in human activities, helping to preform difficult and dangerous tasks while increasing the efficiency of many processes. As technology is incorporated into society at all levels, human capabilities will increase rapidly, opening new doors for future innovations and ideas that will lead to opportunities we are unable to imaginable today. As the robotics industry continues to expand, ASME is committed to the fundamental design, manufacturing, and validation for robots and robotics-related policy issues.


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Real life robocops? Crime fighting 5ft robots with lasers replace security guards in shopping centres Apr 27, 2017 - Five foot security robots could soon be patrolling shopping centres worldwide. The firm that created them has signed a deal to supply them to 16 US cities and the Knightscope K5 robots could become a common sight globally.
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