Advanced Energy Buyers Group Brings Major Companies Together on Policies to Increase Procurement Opportunities

September 8, 2017 -

The national business organization Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) announced the launch of the Advanced Energy Buyers Group, a collection of large energy users seeking to expand access to energy that is secure, clean, and affordable. The Advanced Energy Buyers Group brings together corporate leaders committed to changing the policy landscape to increase opportunities for purchasing renewable energy and other advanced energy resources. Founding members of AEE’s Advanced Energy Buyers Group include Walmart, Salesforce, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and Aligned Energy.

“A growing number of companies have made a commitment to advanced energy by setting renewable energy or energy-related sustainability targets, but antiquated market and regulatory barriers stand in the way,” said Malcolm Woolf, SVP of policy at Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), which will facilitate the work of the new group. “With establishment of the Advanced Energy Buyers Group, industry and community leaders will have a new voice to advocate for federal and state policies that will expand access to all forms of advanced energy.”

According to a report published by AEE last year, 71 Fortune 100 companies have set renewable energy or energy-related sustainability targets, and the number is growing each year. More than 100 companies globally have committed to sourcing 100 percent of their electricity from renewable resources.

In many markets across the country, policies and regulations must be brought up to date to allow companies to reach the goals they have set. The Advanced Energy Buyers Group will work toward policy solutions that make it easier for companies to pursue advanced energy solutions like wind power, fuel cells, demand response, energy storage, hydropower

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