‘Friendly social robot’ will ‘inform decision-making’ of public school administrators

September 7, 2017 -

Source: Washington Free Beacon

By Elizabeth Harrington

The National Science Foundation is spending over $1 million to build a “friendly social robot” that will gather mental health information on high school students.

The agency awarded the University of Washington $1,067,001 to develop a robot named “EMAR” that researchers hope will be able to “inform decision-making” of administrators at public high schools in the state.

“This award supports project EMAR (Ecological Momentary Assessment Robot), a timely interdisciplinary project that will research, develop, and deploy a user-friendly social robot that gathers teen mental health data in a public high school setting,” the grant for the project states.

Read more: http://freebeacon.com/issues/feds-spend-1-million-robot-gathers-data-high-school-kids/


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