Spate of nuclear power plant closures could be start of full-fledged crisis

June 19, 2017 -

source: Washington Examiner

By John Siciliano

Alarm bells are ringing almost weekly as utility companies announce they are closing their nuclear plants years ahead of when their federal licenses expire. The news that the plant at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania would be closing soon marked a significant turning point as a symbol of the industry’s long history, perhaps even outweighing the plant’s 1979 partial meltdown.

Five plants have closed in less than four years, and six more are scheduled to shutter operations within the next five years, while many others are at risk of closing. The U.S. power plant fleet now totals 99 reactors.

One of the main reasons the plants, which produce about 20 percent of the nation’s power supply, are closing early is the low price of natural gas.

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