U.S gasoline demand and exports reach record high

August 9, 2017 -

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U.S gasoline demand and exports reach record high mp3

Date: August 8, 2017
Description: U.S. consumers are buying record amounts of gasoline this summer, even though pump prices are slightly higher than last year. In its new short-term forecast, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said gasoline demand during July reached a record 9.7 million barrels per day. At the same time the average price for regular-grade gasoline in July was six cents higher than a year ago. For the entire summer driving season, gasoline is forecast to average $2.37 a gallon, up 14 cents from last summer. A growing economy and more people working are major contributors to higher gasoline consumption. Preliminary data shows U.S. gasoline exports also hit a record high in July of 600,000 barrels per day, with many shipments heading for markets in Mexico and South America.
Contact/Author: Jonathan Cogan, 202-586-8719
Transcript: http://www.eia.gov/radio/transcript/steo_gasoline_consumption_08082017.pdf
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More on this topic: http://www.eia.gov/outlooks/steo/report/


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