USA to launch advanced manufacturing centre

July 17, 2017 -

Source: World Nuclear News

Concurrent Technologies, an independent, non-profit, applied scientific research and development professional services organisation, said on 13 July that the CANBM will “solve first-of-a-kind issues, conduct design for manufacturing analysis, and prototype new component designs”. Overall, the CANM will support the US nuclear industry’s need to reduce acquisition and total ownership costs by developing and transitioning innovative manufacturing solutions, it said.

A “fundamentally different approach” will be needed for SMR/AR systems compared to the current light water reactor systems, it said. The newer reactors are relatively compact and capable of generating up to 600 MWe of power, it said. They can be “factory produced” and transported in a few sections to a designated location for assembly. In addition, these reactors employ passive safety technologies that make them safer to operate, it added.

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